i1Jack Wheel
1.Every i1kiss.com member is eligible to participate in our Wheel Of Fortune. MYR 1 = 1 Point
2.This promotion classify into three different categories:
  • i1Jack Wheel - 1st tier (Lowest)
  • i1Queen Wheel - 2nd tier
  • i1King Wheel - 3rd tier (Highest)
3.There will be a accumulate deposit for over ONE month period to be eligible to get 1 Free spin depending on which tier you qualify for.
4.How to Qualify ? :
  • i1Jack Wheel - 150 Points for 1 Spin
  • i1Queen Wheel - 500 Points for 1 Spin
  • i1King Wheel - 1000 Points for 1 Spin
5.Once a Prize is won from any Wheel, the prize will be credited directly into players i1KISS account and consists of x1 Turnover before withdrawal can be made, member can only spin the wheel again after 30 seconds.
6.Points are only accumulated for ONE month and will be reset every 1st of the Month then 00:15am will start accumulate again.
7.Once points are expired i1kiss.com will not be liable to reimburse them to players.
8.A Special prize is added to i1kiss.com Wheel Of Fortune randomly for a duration period.
9.If any special prize is won during the Wheel Of Fortune, Players of i1kiss.com should contact CS immediately to redeem their special prize.
10.This promotion is subjected to i1kiss.com General Promotion Terms & Conditions.